History of Sourceseating International Company Essay

History of Sourceseating International Company Essay

Sourceseating International is an American Company that manufactures and sells office seats. As part of their retail structure, the company set up the website sourceseating.com , which displays the different categories of seats the company produces on the homepage. Under each category, there is a listing of the different designs, with each link directing visitors to a page that has the photographs of these different designs.


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In order to make the website friendlier to customers, the first change I would implement is the price listing. From the current arrangement, the price list is provided as a PDF attachment, which the customer has to download for comparison with the clear product photos on the website. If all the specifications of the different seats must be listed on the website, then I will create a pop-up screen for each set displaying all this information on hovering.

Sourceseating, as company, specializes in a product that is rigid in the sense that the only update they can make has to relate with the product. However, for the site to make the kind of impact the company desires, there is a need to provide fresh content from time to time.

This content should be structured in a way that grabs the attention of active social media users. For instance, the company can set up a blog which will contain advice on the various issues that companies and other institutions may have regarding the design of their waiting lobbies and offices.

The link to this page can then be shared on the various social media sites, as a way of diverting traffic to the website. In addition to this, it is important that the website provides sharing options so that visitors to the site can share specific items or pages on facebook or twitter. The diverted traffic will ultimately increase the number of users and by extension the number of customers.

The company Sourceseating International has been dealing with a niche product since it was founded in 1982. In this regard, for it to continue maintaining dominance in the market it has to implement both skimming and penetrating strategies. As far as skimming is concerned, every new product the company introduces has to be marketed to potential clients using every available platform.

Social media marketing and email marketing are some of the cost-effective methods for introducing new products to potential clients. As such, every time a new design is out, the company needs to share the images and details of the released products with their fans on the various social media platforms.


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This will lead to a rising interest in particular products, as well as the company as a whole. In addition, a mailing list needs to be developed and each time a product hits the market, PDF files containing the details of the product need to be sent out to individuals on this list. Ideally, the people on the mailing list should include past and prospective clients.

To develop a strategy for market penetration, the company needs identify the specific products that their competitors are making money from and come up with competing products. Using the machinery at their disposal, the company can obtain the lists of companies interested in the products of their rivals. This information will help the Sourceseating target their https://youressayreviews.com/review-of-essaytyper-com/ marketing endeavors towards this untapped market.

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